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A letter to world elites from solar crazy man Huang Ming

Your action concerns all human beings pure, safe, green and healthy!
My strategy makes thousands of employees live without trouble for 50 years!.
Zero investment, achieve global green safe prototypes
 (schools, hospitals, hotels, factories)
A letter to the leaders
Zero investment, zero expense, zero risk, zero worry, zero emission
 Himin quality assures pure®green®future®healthy
Dear General Manager,
This is Huang Ming, three terms vice president of the International Solar Energy Society, solar crazy man, quality mad man. I vow to protect solar reputation with my life.
30 years ago, Huang Ming declared to be the highest standard and most durable solar energy in the world. Millions of efficient solar energy set up a new world record in the past 20-30 years.
It is hard to be a famous brand; black energy will cause trouble, pure green will be safe; no investment, green safe service outsourcing.
As a well-known company all over the country, you have no choice but to win the bid with low price and low quality in the whole society. The responsible logistic stuff of your unit are very difficult.

As a global famous brand enterprise, I have no choice but to accept the phenomenon which is “Bad money drives out the good”. The good enterprise and their high quality product, which are like the princess being worried of marriage, are hard to be sold under the current market environment.

A good product will add value when it is sold and used.  Can we just by buying   get the value adding every year?
Absolutely! This is the “Pure Green” model of CEC20 contract.
It will help you get rid of the danger of "Black Energy" for 20 or 50 years, zero down payment, zero increase, zero discharge, pure water, green safe lights, peace of mind. 20-50 years once and for all.
Under the condition that your unit does not invest a penny in 20 years, in addition to continuously getting reliable and stable green, safe, energy-saving,  environmental protecting, healthy and intelligence 24 hours hot water supplying with “Solar Future” technology. namely, hot-type, long-distance intelligent control, all weather, “Solar Future” water, warm in winter and cool in summer, in addition to the pure green passive window system that eliminates aldehyde sound insulation and noise reduction, we can also get lamp poles with 50 years service life without circuit damage (24 volts solar energy security power generation) Himin 3-High 5-Anti solar green safe lights; Bid farewell to the era of tap water and barreled water, 20 years of regular replacement of filter elements of the water purification service; micro- lead pipe valve faucet, keep away from lead poisoning ….
u  For the electric and gas-fired boilers that have won the bid at a low price in China, your unit has a myriad of logistics, and it is difficult to prevent leakage and deflagration! Not to mention energy emissions!
u  "Electric-fired boilers in public bathrooms or inferior solar energy, leakage, deflagration, maintenance and management and energy consumption become a big trouble! If only every floor had an intelligent "Green safe solar future" bathroom.
u  The scattered installation of electric water heaters in dormitory apartments make people more frightening every day! With such a large quantity, the leakage rate of 1/10000 is fatal.
u  After the epidemic, people's health requirements have become even higher! All kitchens, restaurants, guest rooms, office buildings and other bathrooms wash hands, wash and scrub tables and mop the floor hot water instead of cold water has become a general trend!
u  Our current building is not anti-haze, no sound insulation, no warmth, broken windows, broken doors and ventilation, which is not worthy of our expensive unit at all. Our expensive unit should be worthy of the best working and living environment in the world!
Comprehensive zero early investment, install Himin 8-Anti (waterproof flooding, fire prevention, water leakage prevention, electric shock prevention, explosion prevention, hibernation prevention, corrosion protection, high consumption prevention, premature senility prevention) 3-High (energy efficient, functional, intelligent) too unheated boiler, 24-hour open and hot, remote intelligent control constant temperature hot water, reliable and stable provision of 20 years green, safe, worry-saving, energy-saving, environmental health, constant temperature intelligence, that is, hot water is not hot all-weather.
Only charge for the electric fuel replaced by the above equipment.
u  So many street lights and courtyard lights in your courtyard are electric tigers one by one, not to mention the tragedy of electric leakage and knocking down passers-by caused by torrential rain, even if there are children holding on to the lamppost. What is even more unexpected to you is that winning the bid at a low price unexpectedly causes the manufacturer to change the thin lamp pole, even without antiseptic treatment inside the lamp pole! Look at the outside well, not the inside of the day to see through, smashing the car is small, smashing the sky fell!
What shall we do? It is very simple, we change lamp poles with 50 year service life without circuit damage (24 volts solar energy security power generation) free of charge, Himin 3-High 5-Anti solar green safe lights.
Our current guest room ,clubhouse do not prevent haze, sound insulation, do not keep warm, broken windows, broken doors, ventilation, outdoor haze and smoke aggravate, soon the same concentration inside and outside, indoor formaldehyde and volatile gas are more difficult to eliminate, even with the water purifier and air purifier can not guarantee that all indicators can meet the standards, and we do not know when to change the filter element, all this should not have happened in our expensive unit at all. Our company should be worthy of the best working and living environment in the world!
    How to achieve it? Zero investment installation haze sound insulation winter warm summer cool Himin pure green window system! Only need to pay the energy-saving value-added fee every year! The cost of heating and air conditioning and the replacement of air purification filter elements will be enough!
You will ask, "how much will it cost to invest?" Even if don't care about investment, do I have to wait for a long time? "
There is no need to invest at all, someone does! Because there are international ESco giants for Himin 20-50 years of service life equipment, pure green investment. And your unit only needs to pay annual alternative conventional energy fees! You won't spend a penny more!
What your company gets is the social green model and real political achievements, the safety, health, comfort, welfare and reputation of the majority of customers, and the shackles of electric ignition hazard emissions and energy consumption are discarded.
Ten thousand years are too long to seize the day; 50 years are not short, the unity of man and nature; half a lifetime of virtuous achievements
You would say: 20-50 years is too long?
But we are not willing to shorten the contract period, because our equipment has been proved thousands of times for far more than 20 years. If it is handed over to the school later, it will be paralyzed and ineffective due to the peak maintenance period and unprofessional maintenance.
 We would rather set up charitable funds with more energy consumption and more money earned in the future, give away green lamps and water purification equipment, etc., rather than see the phenomenon of giving away in vain!
No matter free or late charge, Himin green safe lights, water purifier and air purifier will be 20 years!
President of Himin
Three terms Vice President of the International Solar Energy Society
Professor, researcher
Inventors of 200 Chinese patents
Winner of Nobel substitute prize
Sponsor of China's Green Law and two terms Deputy to the National People’s Congress
Person of the year of the China Charity Federation
Leader of the May 1st Award Unit of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.
Winner of the Orthodox Knight Medal
Huang Ming
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