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North China too expensive ice and snow Winter solar heating

Snow Village in North China city
300,000 square meters of urban cultural wild snow scene

I don’t know that there are snowflakes falling in the courtyard
I thought last night courtyard branches bloom

Watch the most beautiful snow hanging

36 urban snow scene check-in points
3 hills and 5 forests Snow "mountain" forest Real CS
108 snow cartoon cute pet check-in points
9 snow trails  9 Snow Park  99 Snow Scene
18 team development training camps
12 parent-child snow expand amusement park

3 hills and 5 forests Snow "mountain" forest Real CS

108 snow cartoon cute pet check-in points

Snow is always showing a thorough and pure romance
Snow camping is undoubtedly a great pleasure in winter
96 Solar catering, solar warm tent, snow camping

Passive solar heating during the day
Outdoor -10℃ below, indoor 20℃ above
Eat a warm solar-powered meal next to a tent in the wild snow

Use the daytime sun to store heat at night
Store heat in the tent, super heat preservation
Outside the tent, there is ice and snow, inside the tent is warm like spring

Solar catering and solar heating tents in the snow field:
Green Life Two-Day Tent, Green Life Three-Day Tent
Green Living Party Dining Tent
Solar catering and solar warm tent camping in the snow field

Green Life Parent-child Day and Night Tent
Green luxury parent-child day and night tent, party day and night tent
Green luxury day and night quasi total set tent, Luhao day and night presidential set tent

There are 6 solar heating tents and solar dining spots in the outdoor snow
Drink 5 kinds of solar hot drinks

Solar coffee, solar milk tea
Solar ginger cola, solar orange juice
Solar honey grapefruit tea

Taste 36 types of solar-powered snow picnic

Solar Chicken Drumstick Burger, Solar Grilled Chicken, Solar Hot Dog
Solar sandwiches, tarts solar energy, solar pipa leg
Solar lamb skewers, solar grilled sausages, solar grilled wings
Solar fish tofu, solar grilled squid, solar chicken feet
Solar roasted pumpkin, solar roasted gluten, solar apple
Solar millet porridge, solar black rice porridge, solar duck neck
Solar roasted sweet potatoes, solar roasted pears, solar roasted winter dates
Solar grilled corn, solar ribs, solar grilled lamb chops
Solar chicken gizzards, solar garlic chicken, solar Dongpo meat
Solar grilled pork knuckle, solar beef burger
Solar sauce beef, solar red wine Sydney
Quail eggs solar energy, solar osmanthus yam,Solar cheese grilled shrimp, solar Tremella snow pear

9 Ski trail
200m long ski track
Snowboard trail
Try the slide
Forest ice chute

Parent-child slide
Children's slide
Colorful slide
Colorful circle grass slide
Car and grass slide.

9 Snow Park 9 Snow Valley
Play Snow Park, Snow Car Park,
Parent-child expand park, team building expand park
Snow Field CS Park
Solar catering solar tent camp park
Snow scene wedding photography wedding garden
Water park grass football beach volleyball, skating park
12 parent-child expansion amusement parks

Golden and Silver Valley, Golden Fruit Valley, Colorful Leaf Valley
Golden Sun Valley, Pure Green Sun Valley, Sun Valley
 Too fond Valley, Village of Love Valley, Sun Valley love

I have what others have!
I have it, but the world has none!
 Too fond Valley, Village of Love Valley, Sun Valley love

①(3 mounds and 5 forests) "Mountain" forest in snow, real CS
②(36) Urban cultural outdoor snow scene photo spots
③ (2 bars) magic carpet
④(3) colorful grass slides, colorful slides
⑤(2) summer waterslides, (6) ski runs
⑥(More than 20 kinds of skating equipment) 3 forest and 1 sand skating rink
⑦(60 fishing positions) Ice and Snow Tai Fishing Hall
⑧ (108 check-in points) snow cartoon cute pet check-in tour
⑨(96) Picnic too warm tent camping in snow
⑩ (36 kinds) solar snow wild catering
⑪(6 food and beverage outlets) picnic tent too warm snow restaurant
⑫(2) beach football, (2) beach volleyball
⑬ (9 football fields) [no knee injury] grass football park
⑭ (18 items) team development training camp
⑮(12) Parent-child expansion amusement park
⑯ 3L (Love Leaf Life) theme solar light show
⑰ (100 years) cartoon cute pets talk about environmental protection
⑱(36 kinds) snow play equipment, parent-child play snow ski park
⑲ Sunshine Love Valley, Marriage and Love Camp
⑳ Kite model airplane

At the same time set up children's ski training base, the use of professional equipment and professional ski team coach, teaching skiing for tourists professional, convenient for visitors to experience the fun of skiing

9 sun
Hou Yi shot down nine suns
Fall on [Solar Valley]
Kuafu work hard together
Everything Solar!

Hou Yi shoots the sun:The life of the nine suns
Hou Yi shot nine suns in a row. Where did the nine suns that shot down eventually go?
There is a legend that the sun shot down all fall into the East China Sea, so the water will evaporate there. So the East China Sea has become the destination of tens of thousands of rivers and lakes. In ancient times, it was called Weilu. The place where the nine suns set was called Wojiao. .

The Kuafu team worked together:

Another way of saying that is that the nine suns that were shot down fell on a place in the North China Plain. After tens of thousands of years, they lasted until the 1990s. These nine suns were successfully used by a group of people called the Kuafu team. In the resurrection, they fully utilized the value of the nine suns and developed a set of "sun" series of comprehensive utilization of renewable energy that is marketed around the world-eat the sun, drink the sun, play with the sun, enjoy the sun, enjoy the sun, use the sun, Create the sun, live the sun, study the sun! !

Recreational sun Solar warm tents snow camping • vacation

Watch the sun, snow sculptures • light show

China Solar Valley light show, the use of low-carbon environment of high-tech solar technology, effort to build a safe life, energy saving, emission characteristics of the light show. Take LOVE (fraternity), Leaf (green), Life(life) as the design theme. Relying on the main attractions and routes, more than a dozen display areas for life, love, sports, animals, plants and flowers are arranged. During the day, the Sun Valley flowers are clustered and fruitful, and at night, the Sun Valley fire trees silver flowers are full of brilliance.

Play in the sun, snow sports • entertainment park

The Solar Valley Sports Park is based on the design concept of Solar Valley-"Humanity function, ecological clean energy, beautiful and harmonious". Here, it is equipped with complete sports and fitness facilities, trying to create a green, low-carbon, safe and healthy A specialized park for all kinds of competitions, training and citizens’ daily leisure fitness and sports.

Currently, Solar Valley Sports Park has been built not to hurt the knee Soccer Park (outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, beach soccer, etc.), outdoor basketball courts, indoor basketball, badminton, table tennis, ground, air tennis court, swimming pool solar energy, Billiards hall, indoor gym and other sports facilities. Projects under construction have beach soccer field, tennis courts, beach volleyball court, and so on.

Collect five thousand years of civilization history, show hundreds of sages and thousands of books

Walk this ten miles slowly, you can read and understand tens of thousands of books
The ten major human civilization exhibitions in Sun Valley are composed of ten major parts including national, learning, school, elegance, technology, teaching, art, awakening, food, Chinese and foreign famous painting exhibitions;
Let every visitor who comes here benefit from the cultural walls that can be seen everywhere, the "quiet reading place", "jingsi gallery", "reading stand", "reading pavilion", "University Zhongyongyuan", "quiet reading place", "jingsi gallery", "reading platform", "study pavilion", "university center" "Four Books and Five Classics Road", "Hundred Schools School Motto Exhibition", "Hundred Schools Campus Exhibition", "Five Thousand Years of Human Civilization and Culture Wall", "World Celebrity Masterpiece Exhibition" and "Human Sages Square" and so on.
You can feel the "light scent of books and the strong reading atmosphere" everywhere. Let the excellent human culture infect every tourist and pass on the power of knowledge to children.

Integrating the world's safe green (ecological) research achievements

Top Ten Research Series of Pure Green Solar Valley

1. Solar energy future technology research
2. Physical craftsman spiritual research
3. Creativity development research
4. Positive psychology research-An energetic life
5. Research on the comprehensive quality of the maker (teaching and research of spiritual aristocracy)
6. Successfully re-created research in the second half of life-too strong
7. To the conscience, the unity of knowledge and action research study
8. Three generations of classmates
9. Happy Chi Khan Educational Research; Children are interested and determined to research
10. Research on purchase of quality products (identification of counterfeit and inferior products) Research study