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Solar PV

Chairman Mao commemorate hall solar water heating project made by Hi-min Solart

So far, the solar hot water project in the memorial hall of Chairman Mao is biggest project used U-pipe solar collector, the project could provide 15t hot water every day. The project is made up of U-pipe solar collector, pipe system, heat exchanger system, tank system, water treatment system, remote control system, variable frequency water supply system, anti-overheat system and electric boiler auxiliary heating system. The system also equipped the only remotemonitoring system in the solar thermal industry, the monitoring center locates in Hi-min group, it could monitor the system all day in other city.

The Fresnel solar thermal power generation project in Spain


Solar Heating project of North Korea Grand Emperor Hotel

2012,Hi-min solar supplied one 60 tons solar water heating system for North Korea Grand Emperor Hotel. This project proposal introduced the brief of project, local climate situation and environment , design parameters and equipment selection etc. And also gave detailed system design principal and specialist. This project set up the design consideration for promoting solar water heating project for all over the world. It has the very big meaning to strengthen the international cooperation.

Hi-min solar preheat for food drying

In 2009, Hi-min solar energy for Vietnamese cashew drying plant, provide daily water supply 4 tons of solar hot water system, the project covers an area of 194.4 square meters, heating for the factory to provide about seventy percent of the calories.

Hi-min solar swimming pool water project

In October 2011, Hi-min solar energy in Sweden, a swimming pool for the water park, provide daily water supply 40 tons of hot water system, this system covers an area of 815.9 square meters, the maximum output power of 313 kw, can save 355 kilowatts of electricity every year.

Hi-min solar swimming pool water project

In October 2013, Hi-min solar energy to provide hot water for a hospital in Malaysia, the project has a total area of 432 square meters, the water heater net covers an area of 186.6 square meters, the maximum output power of 164.3 Kw.

The commercial hot water system in Zimbabwe

In August 2014, Hi-min exported 1025 sets of solar water heater for the commercial hot water project in Zimbabwe. The photo showed the loading of the solar water heaters.

Beijing Olympic Shooting Range Solar Water Heating Project

Hi-min Solar Co.,Ltd supplied solar water heating project for Olympic shooting range, this project had absorber area 290.5M2, and adopted the mode of the forced circulation plus auxiliary electric heating, with daily water supply 20 tons, realized water supply for 24 hours, guaranteed the application of Olympic stadium for Olympic Games.

Solar hot water project in Costa Rica

Hi-min Solar Co.,Ltd supplied a solar hot water project in Costa Rica. This project used pump circulation, equipped with auxiliary electrical booster. Daily water supply is 20 tons, which ensures hot water in 24 hours.