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To reduce the quality,unless you step on me after my death!

Mr. Huang MIng has the very famous words: If you want to reduce the quality to get more sales, waiting for my death and step on my dead body.

Good quality is the first and last srandard we must comply with.

Himin has the most advanced testing equipments for all the raw materials QA. All of them coming into the factories must be qualified according to the standards of Himin solar. The standards of Himin solar are has more higher requirements than the national standards. For example, the vacuum degree for the all glass jacket solar tubes, Himin tubes must be lower than 5*10-4. But the Chinese national standard is only 5*10-2. Himin, as the leader in Chinese solar thermal industry, has pushed the improvement of national standards on residential solar water heater. The thickness of the inner SUS304 now is 0.5mm. The former one is only 0.2mm.