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The first Festival of Solar Food&Drink held in CSV

On 2st August, 2018, the first Festival of Solar Food and Drink was held in China Solar Valley, Dezhou.

The event also coincided with a Guinness book of records attempt on the record for the most large scale evacuated tube solar cookers in one area. On the Himin soccer oval grounds, about 1100 solar cookers were assembled.

Thousands of chefs cooked the different type of food under the sunshine by solar cookers. The festival demonstrated the huge potential of solar cookers. The solar cookers can help reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr. Huang Ming, the founder and chairman of Himin solar group, said "We aim to enable half of the world's population to use solar cooking within 10 years." 

Temperatures can top 750 degrees Fahrenheit or 300 degrees Centigrade inside the black "BBQ tubes" of metal and glass with turnip-tipped bottoms and sealable tops. On a bright day, they can boil water within 30 minutes and roast a fish in half that time.