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Carefree heat supply package plus green marketing

Himin International is offering solar heat supply to manufacturing companies, hotels, hospitals, and universities. Clients pay individually agreed-on rates, which are up to 20 % lower than current prices and are guaranteed for 20 years. HIMIN provides a “carefree heat supply package”, with the partner financing, installing, operating and monitoring a solar thermal system.

Himin International has the backing of long-time solar thermal professional Huang Ming, who owns the majority stake in Himin Group. Huang Ming is the founder of Himin Solar, a solar thermal products manufacturer that has been in business for over 25 years and has turned into the leading brand in China.
Himin International has since entered into partnership with both Himin Solar and KT. While the former supplies the solar thermal systems, the latter acts as financing partner, Himin International also acts as planner, installer and operator.


Customers pay only for what they use, and the heat price remains where it is for a long time. Every system has a monitoring unit for remote control.
Additionally, heat output will become part of green marketing, with messages such as the following displayed at hotels or campsites: Usually, KT seeks to retain ownership of a solar system until the contract has ended. Asset transfer can be negotiated with the customer thereafter. 
There are very few requirements which commercial customers have to fulfill to benefit from an ESCO. 
If you have factories, hotels, universities, hospitals that want to get carefree heat supply plus green marketing, please contact us