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Solar lantern

Solar lantern

The portable outdoor lights are totally powered by solar energy. It aborbes the sunlight in daytime and generate power which is stored in the battery. The LED light power is from the battery. 

Solar panel 2.6W
LED 0~2W
Battery 6.4V/2.2Ah
AC charging voltage  AC 220V
DC output voltage DC 5V
Continuous working time after fully charged 6-8 hours
Color Yellow


1. White light LED, with high brightness and long life time.
2. The lantern can be charged by both solar energy and utilities.
3. The lantern can be used for 6 to 8 hours after the battery was full charged.
4. Brightness of the LED light source can be controlled by twisting switch.
5. With cell phone charger connector on it, for charge of cell phones outdoors.
6. Attached with compass function for outdoors working.
7. Light durable, convenient using, environment friendly, and no pollution.
8. New style LFP Battery, with more than five years life time.

How to use:
1. Solar energy charging: Open the lantern lid and put it under the sunlight for about 8-10 hours to fully charge the batteries. (lighting time will be shortened without fully charge)
2. Charged by utilities power: Connect one end of charger to power interface of lantern, the other connect to 220v power of household outlet, it will be fully charged after four or five hours.
3. Brightness control: The power of lantern can be controlled in the range of 0-100% by brightness Control knobs according to your specific need.
4. Charge Cell phones: When the lantern was full charged, connecting one end of charger wire into lantern, the other for charging of mobile phone.

1. Put the lamp at the place with full sun shine to ensure full power of charger.
2. Turn off the switch when on use of it.
3. Fully charge the lamp when you are no use of the lamp for two month in case of empty power of lamp to impact life of lamp.

This solar lantern was special designed and produced for China central government, as gift for every Tibet people to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet. 740,000 units were purchased in 2011.


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