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Solar cap

Solar fac cap is very suitable for outdoor activities. It can keep you cool by the fan powered by solar energy. 

The motor:0.3V,0.02A
Solar panel size:35mm*65mm  
Solar panel watt:0.24W,2V
The fan can work not only by direct sunshine but also by indirect sunshine.

What is the function of the small fan?
The small fan on the cap is driven by electricity is transformed from light by solar module.you will feel cool with the cap.the cool air can be adjusted automatically with the strength of the sun.

What is the features of the solar hat?
---No battery is applied;
---Outdoor activities in summer,such as travel,fishing,camping,playing golf,outdoor work,sports etc.

Warm prompt:Please keep it in somewhere dry.

Genuine products identification:
A. Use high efficiency solar panels.
B. The fan can work in the double-glasses windows where there is no direct sun.