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Solar Powered Water Pump

Using solar powered water pump is a kind of environmentally friendly way to gain clean water resources effectively.Powered by the electric energy converted from the solar power, the pump starts working and introduces undergroundwater into water tanks for domestic water use, livestock drinking, and field irrigation.Through effective using renewableenergy, the solar water pumping system truly realizes zero emission of carbon dioxide.

Efficient 3Ds series of PV Pump
The efficiency of the 3DS series of solar powered water pump is up to 85%.Adopting the three-plunger-style design, weapply the piston pump's principle into the design of submersible pump. Meanwhile, we use a sand filtration structure sothat the pump can not only pump clean water but also be used in occasions where water contains sand.
This series of product can be applied to the well whose diameter is more than 0.15 meters.lts lifting range is between 5 to200 meters and users can choose different models of product according to their water consumption and the depth of well.

Product Advantages
1.Our solar powered water pump needs no electricity supply system, so the cost of purchasing is reduced.
2.Without battery or converter, the reliability of the system is improved greatly.
3.The efficiency of our product is three times higher than that of traditional pumping systems.
4.The solar pump gives strong support to the fields of agriculturalirigation, desertification treatment, ecologicalrestoration of grassland, and land salinization treatment caused by water and soil loss.
5.This photovoltaic system is environmentally friendly and it emits no carbon dioxide.

Model and Main Parameters of 3Ds series High Pressure Water Pump.

Engineering projects

Installed capacity:
230W (1 piece of 230W mono solar panel)
Site selection: A farm in USA
Peak flow: 1 ton/hour
Lift: 30 meters
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