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Desert Solar Palace

Desert Solar Palace - Smart Climate Oasis is a whole set of high-tech, high intelligence, great comfort micro emission smart climate, holographic ecosystem with the modern architecture taste, which is specially designed for high saline and sodic, high evaporation, hydroponic desert are. In this system, many micro emission and holographic ecological techniques and products are integrated, such as solar photovoltaic power generation, solar water heating , solar photovoltaic lighting, energy saving windows and doors, air cleaning, security and safety system, home intelligence control system, energy storage system, reverse osmosis water purification system, automatic rainfall system, solar cooker etc., which is an wonderful combination of low carbon concept and high quality life. This tiny world provides suitable temperature and humidity, quiet and clean indoor environment, huge green landscape independent of the desert environment. People will be able to enjoy a high quality and multi-dimensional life experience with clean living environment, beautiful night scene, sky terrace, outdoor air conditioner, constant temperature swimming pool, automatic rainfall system, private landscapes and food cooked with solar energy, etc.

1.     Solar Energy Canopy System--shade during the day and penthouse during the night, microclimate simulator

Solar canopy system is a sky dome climate system enveloped above the building. Solar panels are assembled at the roof top to provide a full capacity of electricity, while the structure plays the role of shading and energy saving functions as well. It will effectively reduce the evaporation of water under the canopy; moreover, the rain system can be installed on the roof top, which can automatically control the artificial rainfall, prevent dryness, and creating a local microclimate effectively.

2.     Automatic microclimate regulating system--do anything you want, all in control

The whole system is equipped with automatic microclimate regulation system, can control the wind and rain through the mobile phone. At the top of the canopy, equipped with a self-rainfall device when the climate is too dry, the microclimate can be adjusted by opening the self-rainfall system, and the garden can be watered. In the terrace and open space, the outdoor air conditioning system can be installed. When the climate is too muggy, open air conditioning (using solar power) will bring cool breeze and create a comfortable microclimate, and can be controlled remotely via mobile phone for humanization design with convenience.

3.     Solar energy efficient self-power supply system-- self-supply, power storage, energy saving 

The whole system is equipped with photovoltaic power plants, built-in self-powered system, with the high efficiency of photovoltaic conversion using Himin patented technology. The self-generated electricity can used to power canopy lighting, system monitoring, air conditioning and other equipment. Equipped with photovoltaic storage station, the remaining electricity during the day can be used for storage, providing backup electricity at night or for insufficient sunshine. It provides abundance of the electricity and enhances the living standards without causing any pollution and waste of energy on the environment, which will balance the comfortable life style with the social responsibility.

4.        Integrated solar water heating system-- sufficient hot water, instant heat system, supplying hot water for all needs

Himin solar water heating system supplies sufficient hot water to provide the whole house hot water supply, i.e. hot water for bath, kitchen, swimming pool for any time, any place and anywhere. The open loop solar water heating system makes it safer and more stable with Himin’s micro solar pump to supply booster and cycle, which provides instant hot water with more convenient.

5. Photovoltaic lighting system--build exclusive private gardening view
Unique and private landscape is a symbol of noble status in the desert areas. Green plant landscape combined with photovoltaic lighting system to create fashionable and unique private gardening view. Canopy lighting creates beautiful dreaming night scene; Solar fountain builds the most active leisure garden; Solar sculpture with self-lighting function provides the fascinating sketch during the day, and the lighting function with the canopy during the night, which will also become the most extraordinary scene of the desert.

6. Energy Efficiency Window System--dust & sandstorm proof
Himin’s energy efficiency window is capable to reach the value of 1.6W/m2 K, with the plastic steel imported from Germany and patented coating technology with heat insulation in summer and hear preserve in the winter. The Multi-Channel Sealing technology makes the sealing effect of the window reaching the International Level 6, which will stop the wind, sand and the noise entering into the room, in order to create a tranquil and comfortable environment for living.

7. Himin’s Ventilation Air-Purifier System-– total fresh clean air solution
To ensure cleanliness of air in the room, there must be cycled air between indoor and outdoor, and purify the air effectively. Himin air purification system is different from the traditional indoor purifier, it pumps the air from outdoor through multiple filtration devices, which will filter out the toxic PM2.5 particles and big dusty particles to ensure that the air in the room is fresh and clean.

8. Intelligent security system--ensure security of the open park all around
Intelligent security system will be installed in desert palace to ensure safety performance through entrance guard, alarm, monitoring and the coordination of these three major operations. The system includes: video monitoring subsystem, alarm prevention subsystem, entrance guard patrol subsystem, voice intercom subsystem, audio-visual broadcast subsystem, intelligent analysis subsystem, perimeter prevention subsystem, positioning and tracking subsystem, dynamic environment monitoring sub System etc.

9. Air purification system-- purify air and indoor environment
Even if the door and window sealing performance are good, the fresh air system working well, indoor air quality is still difficult to achieve the best value without air purification system. The breathing of human body, the use of natural gas in daily life and furniture evaporation, all of these will produce some emissions or even harmful gases, which will have a great harm to human health if not timely measures. As the auxiliary equipment for micro six net window system and the new air system, Air purification system can ultimately enhance indoor air quality and safeguard health.

10. RO large water purification system----domestic water, direct drinking water, use water at will

RO large water purification system include sea water desalination system and domestic direct drinking water purification system. The water with excess salt and minerals can be purified treatment by this RO large water purification system, the purified water can be as domestic water for garden irrigation, cleaning car, artificial rainfall and other domestic application, the remaining purified water can be reserved by equipped reserve system; Besides, the purified water can be safe as direct drinking water.

11. Constant temperature outdoor swimming pool---the water playing world in desert

The constant temperature outdoor swimming pool, use solar application technology, keep the water temperature of swimming pool at suitable interval, ensure the most comfortable swimming experience. It is undoubtedly the most luxurious enjoyment. Besides, the application of solar technology and sea water desalination, make the constant temperature swimming pool energy saving and protecting environment, is the supporting item with best comfort level and low energy consumption.

12. Solar kitchen for family– No smoke, no harm, no hazard, enjoy the natural food

Solar kitchen, by clean solar energy, The temperature inside the pipe can reach 300-400℃. It can achieve food barbecue, stew and other functions without coal, carbon, electricity and other traditional energy. Even in the winter of -40 ℃, as long as the sunshine is full, cooking functions can be achieved. It not only can save coal, electricity, natural gas, but also clean and free from pollution. It is a new healthy, energy saving and green cooking way.

13. Water-saving bathroom and three-level septic system --saving water and reducing environmental pollution
The use of water-saving bathroom, and with three-level septic tanks, three-level different treatment of the dirt, closure, precipitation of large particles of sewage impurities, to prevent the sewage pipe blockage, greatly saving water. After three-level treatment of septic tanks killed Pathogens and parasite eggs, producing water and high-quality fertilizers, greatly reducing the emissions of living pollutants.

14. Reclaimed water treatment system--Use all the available water sources
Because of the water sources shortage in desert area, it is important to use all the available water sources in daily life. According to principles of sustainable development to realize the cycle using of water to meet the water demand in a small climate area, which could efficiently solve the water shortage problem in desert. Besides, from an environmental point of view, the reuse of sewage is helpful to improve the ecological environment, and achieve virtuous cycle of water ecology, it will also affecting and driving the water-saving action in entire desert region.  

15. Micro emission Remote home system--Remote view of the home situation, operate at any time

The whole system is equipped with remote home system, the user could view the operation condition of branch systems, such as hot water, electricity, lighting of canopy, Landscape sculpture, Fresh air system of windows, security, indoor air, water purification, self-rainfall and outdoor swimming pool etc. It also could connect to the smart phone for remote turn on, turn off and other relative control.

16. Photovoltaic lighting system—build exclusive private gardening view

Unique and private landscape is a symbol of noble status in the desert areas. The private gardening combined with photovoltaic lighting system is fashionable and special. Canopy lighting creates beautiful dreaming night scene. Solar fountain builds the most active leisure garden. Solar sculpture with self-lighting function provides the fascinating—beautifying during the daytime and lighting in the night. It is also the very special scene in the desert.