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8 anti-3 strong solar heating boilers

 Due to the infiniteness, efficiency, benefits to environmental protection, and the economy, the proportion of solar thermal utilization globally is increasing. It is being widely used in households, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, dormitories, venues,and other large-scale engineering systems. By being highly cost effective, with convenient installation, high efficiency, and excellent safety, Himin solar hot water systems are being widely used in various fields worldwide.

1.   Applications of Himin solar hot water system

In hotels, factories, dormitories, hospitals, schools and venues where the water consumption is proportionally higher, and the water usage is concentrated, the comfort requirement is paramount. Therefore, in these cases, centralized hot water system is installed.
1.1 Main advantages
A.        Easy installation, simple controls, and minimal maintenance;
B.        The frequency conversion pressured design is able to supply comfortable water on demand;
C.        Eight Preventative Measures: Anti-scald, anti-electrical leaks, anti-water leakage, anti-freezing, anti- potential danger from blockages and patching, anti-scaling, anti-excess lead, anti-overheating;
D.       Three strengths: Supplies hot water (no matter the weather), maintains consistent temperatures for hot water on demand and is controlled remotely by a large data platform;
E.        High efficiency, security, and highly cost effective.
1.2 Main Product: Composition of the system
1.2.1 Solar collector

Himin JPS collector is composed of high-efficiency vacuum tube. The exclusive using of the most advanced sputtered double cermet selective absorber coating makes the tube with absorptivity of 0.94 and emissivity of 0.04. It has water inside glass tube. The bracket goes together with the collector. The water circulation is inside the collector header, the tubes and the water storage tank, which is called direct system.

Physical Properties   

Characteristic Valve
Tube L/OD 2100mm/58mm
Tube no. 30PCS
Overall Length 2930mm
Overall Width 2390mm
Absorber Area 2.85㎡
Aperture Area 3.34㎡
Gross Area 7㎡
Max Operating Pressure 0kPa

Performance Properties
Characteristic Valve
Efficiency 0.737
Heat Loss co efficiency 2.81W/(㎡·K)
Key Material Properties
Characteristic Valve
Vacuum tube Borosilicate 3.3 Glass
Kind of Selective Coating AlN/AIN-SS/Cu on glass
Header Tube SUS304
Header Casing SPGC with Color
Header Inlet/Outlet DN25 with male thread
Insulation Polyurethane
Rubber Components EPDM Silicone Rubber
Mounting Frame Hot-dip Galvanized Steel/4mm
Installation Guidelines
Collector Array Quantity 6
Installation Angle 15-70°

1.2.2 Tank

A. Combined water tank
Ø  Capacity ranges from 1,000L to 50,000L.
Ø  The on-site assembly reduces the transportation cost.
Ø  Two types of inner tank: stainless steel and hot-dip galvanizing sheet. The inner tank is connected by bolts and rubber sealing to ensure a lifetime of 15 years 
Ø  The tank of 10,000L or less has optional backup electrical heating.

B. SPE tank

Ø  The tank capacity ranges from 1,000L to 3,000L.
Ø  All in one design and convenient installation.
Ø  The outer tank is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP); the inner tank is made of stainless steel.
Ø  The tank has electric heating as backup.

1.2.3 Control system

Himin designs and sets the program of control system in accordance to the diverse needs of customers and remote controlling.