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Inner CPC solar collector

Product introduction
The Himin inner light-focusing U pipe collector includes a header, vacuum tubes, U pipes, mounting frames and a tube bottom rack. It is typically used to collect heat for space heating or domestic hot water. The collector can be installed solely or connected together.

1.   Use vacuum tube with built-in reflector technology and the heat transfer way through u pipes which can reduce heat loss and ensure a higher collector temperature.
2.   There is no water in the vacuum tubes, so there is no fouling , no breaking .U pipe heating technology is adopted, the temperature rise is very fast. It is high efficiency and reliable.
3.   There is no restriction for the installation height, Pressurized operation and large flow make you enjoy a pleasant bath experience.
4.   The optimal design of the collector makes it visually less obstructive and compatible with existing architectural design perfectly.

Structure and working principle

Technical parameter
The parameter of vacuum tube

Length(mm) 2100
Structure (mm) double side glass
Outer Diameter of outer tube(mm) 84
Thickness of outer tube(mm) 2.0
Inner Diameter of inner tube(mm) 47
Thickness of inner tube(mm) 1.6
Material high borosilicate glass 3.3
Solar transmission rate ≥0.92
Selective coating type AIN/AIN-SS/Cu
Absorptance ratio ≥0.94
Vacuum degree(Pa) <5.0×10-4
Maximum temperature(℃) 250~320
Heat Loss (W/m2·℃) ≤0.65
Rated Pressure (Mpa) 0.6
The parameter of solar collector
Specification of collector JUS 14-84/47 JUS 16-84/47 JUS 20-84/47
Specification of vacuum tube φ84/47×2100 φ84/47×2100 φ84/47×2100
No. of vacuum tube 14 16 20
Weight 50kg 59kg 76kg
Outline dimension(mm) 1554×2200×158 1754×2200×158 2154×2200×158
Capacity of collector 2.59L 2.95L 3.69L
Flow L/(min·㎡) 0.6~1.2 0.6~1.2 0.6~1.2
Collector type aluminum U pipe aluminum U pipe aluminum U pipe
Insulation material fiber glass fiber glass fiber glass
Working medium Propylene glycol Propylene glycol Propylene glycol
Rated Pressure 0.6MPa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa
Total area 3.42㎡              3.86㎡ 4.74㎡
Aperture area 2.27㎡ 2.60㎡ 3.25㎡
Absorber area 1.336㎡   1.526㎡   1.908㎡
Shell material aluminum profile aluminum profile aluminum profile
Frame material galvanized steel plate galvanized steel plate galvanized steel plate
Tailstock material Nylon Nylon Nylon
Collector interface 3/4″coupling nut 3/4″coupling nut 3/4″coupling nut
Maximum working temperature 240℃ 240℃ 240℃

Instantaneous efficiency curve based on aperture area Aa and inlet temperature ti( linear fit)

SRCC certificate