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Vacuum tube


「3Anti」-Vacuum tube  

All glass vacuum tubes are the key component of solar collectors. The vacuum tube is similar to a conventional Dewar flash and consists of two borosilicate glass tubes with high chemical and thermal shock resistance. The outer side of the inner tube is coated with a sputtered solar selective surface. This coated inner tube is closed at one end and sealed at the other end to the outer tube. The annular space between the outer tube and inner tube is evacuated to virtually eliminate heat loss by conduction and convection.

Leading Technology

All-Glass Evacuated SS-ALN Cermet Solar Collector Tubes are manufactured by using the interference absorption type of solar absorption layer, and the technology of “metallic-membrane plating”, such as SS and Al duplex metallic target sputter manufactured Cermet absorption layer etc. It also adopts new interference absorption type of super low emission ratio and selective absorption membrane layer with absorptance ration α=0.96,emission ratio: ε≤0.06. Absorption layer possesses special stainless steel aluminum nitride with high temperature resistant. It will not shed even the glass has melted; also with characters of anti-damping, ageing-resistance and dry collection resistance, low emission ratio, small thermal losses. It can still produce hot water when it is 300 below, and with longer life.

Why Himin

Full automatic vacuum tube production line and advanced & strict testing processing guarantee the entire quality stability.

Vacuum degree can reach to 10-4 Pa which effectively reduces the heat loss rate of 0.03-0.06.

Apply metallic copper as bottom metal layer, which is super strong in absorbing and possessing extra low heat loss. The hate loss rate is 50% lower than ordinary vacuum tubes which ULT≤0.5W/(W/(m2.℃)

Excellent insulation. The stagnation temperature higher than 270℃。

Patent technology developed by Himin breaks the limitation of graded coating ,and enable its working temperature from -40℃ to 40℃.

Huge production capacity. 5 production lines accompany with production capacity of 20,000 per day, per line.

Full Automatic Vacuum Tube Production Line

              Material Tube Transmission Line

                                 Edging Line

                              Cleaning Line

                      Automatic Coating Line

                            End Sealing Line

                   Automatic Evacuating Line

            AUtomatic Getter Producing Line

                   Automatic Packaging Line

QA & Test Center

Himin solar testing center was established in 1997, including 24 testing laboratories, with more than 1000 testing items.

Himin solar testing center has passed the CNAS certificate, whose testing report has same effect with China National testing report, also is the first ISO9459 international standard testing center in China.

The testing domain covers solar water heater, fittings (vacuum tube, water tank, bracket, etc.), solar PV module, energy-saving materials, and so on.