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Glass Heat Pipe Tube

「3Anti」-Glass Heat Pipe Tube

Working principle: When the sun shines, the selective absorptive coating on the surface of inner tube transfers solar energy into heat energy, then the medium is heated into vapor, the vapor run fast to the condensation end with very high speed and is condensed into liquid, thus heat is released and transferred to water in tank. Eventually, heat medium is driven back to the bottom part by gravity, and repeats circulation continuously.

The full-glass heat tube mainly uses phase transition of the medium to transfer heat, with small thermal resistance and high heat conducting performance, the heat tube is fully vacuumed, boiling point of the medium is much lowered, and can get realize quick start. It also possesses the unidirectional heat conduction features of thermal diode, with high heat-preservation efficiency and supreme heat-collecting performance.


Adopts the high-tech conducting phase change material, which can start fast and react quickly with small hot melting point. Thus, the heat can be transferred to tank quickly. The heat conduction method is unidirectional, only absorb the heat, do not dissipate heat, thus possess high heat-preservation performance.

Length (mm) 1800 1920 2100
Outer tube diameter (mm) 58 58 58
Inner tube diameter (mm) 47 47 47
Stagnation parameter(m2•℃/kW) 135 145 165
Solar Radiance Exposure(MJ/m2) ≤2.1 ≤2.1 ≤2.1

QA & Test Center

Himin solar testing center was established in 1997, including 24 testing laboratories, with more than 1000 testing items.

Himin solar testing center has passed the CNAS certificate, whose testing report has same effect with China National testing report, also is the first ISO9459 international standard testing center in China.

The testing domain covers solar water heater, fittings (vacuum tube, water tank, bracket, etc.), solar PV module, energy-saving materials, and so on.