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Environmental protection caused common emotional resonance, but no feasible solution!

Environmental issues caused widespread social concern and people's common recognition, but the frequent outbreak of the haze weather proved that the environment has not been improved; Climate Conference unanimously adopted a resolution of mandatory reduction to carbon emissions, but it did not propose an effective environmental program.

Solar energy holding capacity can be treated as zero, because extre- mely poor traditional energy substitution rate!

Although the Himin solar science popularization activities had created a solar science miracle with "80 million kilometers’ travel, million copies of solar energy science popularization newspapers and participation of millions of people”. Although after more than 20 years of development, the solar water heater holding capacity in 2015 reaches 400 million m2, accounting for 76% of the world, but the real substitution of solar energy to traditional energy is still less than 1%.

For the blue sky of our children crazy fighting 29 years, but didn’t keep the present blue sky!

30 years passed that from witnessed the horror of TaiHu, to give up the petroleum industry with high income and turn to solar energy industry; from feared when his daughter grow up can’t see the blue sky, no oil and coal to use, to be determined to protect the blue sky of the children and explore the outlet of the human energy. Even though the high quality solar energy products are everywhere, but keep the present blue sky is becoming urgent.

Solar energy with increasing terminal application far beyond customer what knew.

With the development of solar energy, solar energy has go deep into life with applications solar power generation, solar heating and cooling, solar lightening, solar gifts, solar cooking besides its traditional application solar hot water. However, most customers know solar energy as solar water heater. The popularization of solar energy is far less than household applications, mobiles, and IT.

Realize white cloud & blue sky, where is the way?

---Micro-Emission, this is the answer to the world people from one Chinese company.

Although environment protection problem had drew world people’s attention, but frequently outbreaks of haze proved that the weather condition had not been improved at all. Specific solutions had not been put forward although the climate conference unanimously passed a resolution to reduce carbon emissions. In order to seek the way to solve the environment problem, Himin raises Micro Emission strategy for the white cloud & blue sky for our children. To realize zero emission by using renewable technology and reducing emission of gas, sewage, solid waste of individual and organization in daily life and production process. To construct a green and renewable Micro-emission earth with Micro-emission city, Micro-emission countryside, Micro-emission plant, Micro-emission transportation.