• I have a dream,

    a dream that is shared by the members of the Kua Fu team who devote themselves to the Micro Emission Earth, that one day everyone who has love for their children, the blue sky, the earth and the cosmos will unite and promote the ideals of Micro-Emissions and Living Green by developing advanced technology, useful products and helpful services.

    “Everyone living green, everyday blue sky” – makes the goal of Micro-Emission Earth possible.

    I have a dream that one-day the people of China and the people of the world will become more aware of solar energy and enjoy what it has to offer.

    I have a dream that one day the ideals of Micro-Emissions and Living Green will become a part of our daily lives.

    I have a dream that one day the Micro-Emissions industry will be as technically advanced as the IT industry, as mature as the home appliance industry, and as automated as the automotive industry.

    I have a dream that one-day that our children will love to learn and then spread the ideals of Micro-Emissions and the related technology.

    I have a dream that one day there will be less smog, less energy consumption, less sewage, less abandonment, less noise, less damage but more purity in our hearts.

    I have a dream that there will be no more wars, disasters, or deceptions.

    I have a dream that one-day people will live in beautiful homes full of sunshine and hope, while having peace of mind.

    I have a dream that the future generations will live underneath a sun-filled sky and breathe the fragrant air.

    I have a dream that all the creatures of the universe will be able to live together in harmony.

    My dream of a Micro-Emission Earth is an arduous challenge, but I also know that this is the only path to the future.

    Let’s do it together!

No-drinking story

    One day, I inspected one distributor's shop; an old couple came in,

    "Can I drink the hot water from solar water heater" The old couple asked

    "Which do you prefer, truth or lie?" I answered

    "Of course the truth" she answered immediately

    "The truth is No", I answered,

    "Why?" They was surprised,

    "Will you drink the hot water which has stayed in thermos flask for 3

    days ?" I asked

    "No!" They answered

    " Same reason, because the hot water is stored inside the heater for

    many days and is boiled for many times, of course we can't drink it.' I


    "You are so honest, others told me it can. With your honesty, your

    product must be perfect", they bought it without hesitation

    Tips: The hot water from solar water heaters can be used for bathing

    and washing, but cari t be drunk, nitrous acid is produced through

    repeatedly heating, so it is very harmful to our body, Hi-min suggest you

    drink fresh hot water.

"Five-Not-Selling" story

    In 2008, Chinese government introduced subsidy policy for home

    appliance, including solar water heater. I protested: no standards and

    after-sale service will make subsidy policy to harmful policy.

    My words were not accepted, however, we can restrict ourselves at least

    So we made Five-Not-Selling policy

    Not selling without knowing local water quality;

    Not selling where no after-sale network;

    Not selling to families without fxed telephone;

    Not selling to those who do not care heater's winter performance;

    Not selling to those who cares price only;

    even if the sales volume decreases. we still insist on our oolicv.

Spared no expense to build Mepad City

Template-China Solar Valley

    By 2000, to popularize solar application in a more wider range tried to

    cooperate with real estate enterprises. Disappointedly, some worried it

    looked not so good when solar water heaters integrated with buildings,

    others refused for low profit, only a few agreed under extremely unfair

    conditions. At last, all these attempts failed in vain

    We had nothing to complain but to improve ourselves

    At that time, I promised myself: I'll do something extraordinary!

    Beginning with the High-tech Garden, we started our journey exploring

    and researching solar integrated buildings. After years of continuous

    practice, we finally yielded heartening achievements

    Decorated by solar, Utopia Garden is endowed with more grandeur and


    China Solar Valley---the masterpiece of solar technologies concentrated

    the heart and soul of me and all Hi-miners

    Now it becomes a Solar Mecca, attracting attention across the world

    It redefined solar energy!

    Hi-min FVVM

  • Faith: Appreciate the nature and revere the truth

  • Vision: Devote to the future of global micro emission

  • Value: Focus on sustainability

  • Mission: For the blue sky of our children, realize micro emission earth

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