Micro —— emission window system

Winpin energy-saving glass,saves energy more than 20% compare with the currently most advanced LOW-E insulating glass.Use the superior EPDM rubber stripswith excellent sealing performance.Select superior inported accessories making the whole window attenuation extremely slow Create high quality windows of"micro noise,micro dust haze,micro energy consumption,micro attenuation".

Sun-shading in different seasons

Warm in winter and cool in summer,reduce heating and cooling cost Preset different sun gears in shade system,to meet the shade needs by the controller pushing the rod motor to adjust the shade angles.In summer,keep out the sunshine and make the indoor termperature is not too high,reduce air conditioning cost more than 50%.In winter,the shade tends to vertical,to make as much of sunshine indoors.

Green power station

Install solar panels,convert solar energy into electricity stored in polymer lithium battery,supply power to sunshade system and fresh air system,charging system,emergency lighting and security system,creating real energy saving window and door.

Provide safety charging voltage 12V,can charging mobile phone,ipad,etc by connecting USB interface,to make the windowsill to be your green working station.

  • Final


    Solar PV Modules

    Me controlling center

    including converter and
    intelligent controller
    cabinet for on grid

    Nation Grid


Filtrate fresh air timely,eradicate harmful air

Open window for fresh air,smoke,haze,dust and mist will in Close window,carbon,benzene,aldehyde and other poisonous gas will increase.This air is dirtier dirty than outdoor,and not able to elimimate even by the best purifier,only through filtrate fresh air timely.Solar functional windows with the fresh air system,which can preset ventilate in morning,afternoon and night,and ensures fresh indoor air.

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