The zoology of grassland, wetland scenic etc. is very weak. Once destroyed, it will be very difficult to recover. How to develop it with hurts?

Let tourist experience the sweet of grassland and desert, and at the same time build special scenic pot?

How to reduce running cost, meanwhile to build renewable energy characteristic scenic pot?

How to build the zoology popularization holiday base which gather popularity in winter and increase income in summer?

How to avoid complex approval procedures and build scenic pot fast without construction delay?

Open the future-Sun•Future Solutions

For the blue sky of later generations, Hi-min focuses on the idea of solar everything and keeps on developing various solar solutions. The Sun•Future series products includes solar Mongolian yurt, solar tent, solar fun palace, solar sand therapy room, solar pavilion, solar greenhouse villa, solar greenhouse and future solar livestock barn etc. which will lead the eco-environment protection fashion, such as scenic area camping, scenic area construction, ecological agriculture and green farming etc. It opens more fields for solar energy industry.

1.Sand fairyland-Visitor Center/Sanatorium

2.Solar powered sand therapy experience yurt

3.Sand skiing area

4.Solar cooking area-solar kitchen BBQ

5.Solar tent camping area

6.Sand ball playing area

7.Micro-emission motor-house charging and camping area

8.Future tent villa-micro-emission tent villa

9.Visitor service and reception center

10.Solar yurt camping area

11.Future livestock tent-animalized livestock breading shed

12.Solar wonderland area

13.Solar wonderland water world

14.Campfire square

15.Lake area

16.Wind and sand proof slope

17.Grass sand transition zone

Solar amusement palace

Solar amusement palace is a large comprehensive amusement park which combines entertainment relaxation, catering recreation and culture dissemination of science. By the technology of solar energy, it can realize the all seasons operation. It includes the equipment of glass sand ecological culture museum, sand swimming pool, sand volleyball and football、sand therapy and health maintenance, feature catering, solar holiday house and so on.

Solar Sand-therapy yurt

It is a zero-energy camping house equipped with sand therapy facilities. It added solar technology elements based on the Mongolian yurt to realize zero energy consumption. It has indoor sand therapy bed, sand pool and other exhibition of desert characteristic culture. It will be very special experiences of sand therapy, sand entertainment, sand thyme, etc. It is the solar architecture integrated with accommodation, health care, recreation and entertainment.

Solar tent

All-season solar tent exceeds the limits of traditional tent. It improves the camping conditions by supplying power and equipment for camping use. The optional solar kitchen-carriable (solar cooker), solar fridge and solar air conditioner make your camping more comfortable. The solar camping project is integrated with the natural surroundings. It effectively improves the accommodation of camping.

Solar Mongolian yurt

Based on the traditional Mongolian yurt, solar Mongolian yurt is combined with the elements such as solar power, solar water heating, room heating and micro emission sunlight room etc. The innovation enriches the practical function of traditional Mongolian yurt and improves the living comfort. Hi-min invents unique solar Mongolian yurt with characteristics of the grassland, solving the problem of living, bathing, etc. Without the high investment or complicated examination and approval, the solar Mongolian yurt doesn’t destroy the scenic environment.

Solar pavilion – solar sightseeing and vacation room

It can be used as a scenic spot integrating of leisure and sightseeing, also can be used as a family sightseeing building for rest and recreation. It consists of three parts: the ceiling shed, the Future House, platform chassis. It can be installed at the shore of lake, standing in the water. Connected by wooden trestle and shore, it enables visitors to experience the comfortable leisure time of aquatic living

Future greenhouse villa - quasi zero energy private manor

It is a low carbon travel dwelling created by Hi-min coupled with the integration of leisure and entertainment, tourism and holiday, nature sightseeing, ecological agriculture, fruit and vegetable picking. Each future greenhouse villa is composed of ecological farm and residential villa.260-360 ㎡ villa matches 200-300 ㎡ farms. Each is equipped with large landscape terrace and private courtyard, so that the dweller can experience the future ecological planting fun.

Future livestock barn-super humanistic breeding house

It refers to future micro-emission animal breeding house, adding solar heating, solar power generation, and solar hot water elements on the basis of the traditional breeding house. For the problems of poor ventilation, cold in winter and hot in summer of traditional animal breeding house, the future animal house has blended solar technology and passive heating technology, providing suitable room temperature all the year round to ensure healthy growth of the animals.

Future green house

Super energy-saving and super season future green house

It refers to micro-emission vegetable greenhouse by utilizing solar power, solar heating and the other energy-saving measures on the basis of traditional greenhouse, which can supply the proper temperature for plant quick growing and high economic profit by employing solar passive heating technology. Moreover, it can resolve the bad insulation of common greenhouse.

Future greenhouse mansion

Quasi zero-energy plant and stereoscopic landscape belt

The stereoscopic plant growing and demonstrating base of rainforests, grasslands, deserts. The main body consists of sun mansion and moon mansion. The sun mansion is hot rainforest mainly consists of sea beach of rainforest and so on. The moon mansion with semi annular shape is characterized with semitropical and temperate plant. There are herbs garden, flowers garden and fruits garden containing ten thousand kinds of tropic, semitropical, temperate plants.

Business model

    For camping site construction with micro emission characters.

  • As guest room for grassland, desert, gobi desert, forest and traditional scenic spots.

    Featured projects for private plots.

  • As supporting element of private club, new agriculture or special tourism.

    As alternative of the fixed buildings with long construction period

  • For where there is no way to build long-term architectures, it can be an alternative solution. It can avoid complicated approvals of traditional buildings. The construction period is also very short.

    For featured husbandry.

  • To supply green brand vegetables and organic farm product and pasture product.

    Ecological agriculture tourism

  • Establish agro-eco-tourism integrated with entertainment, resort landscape, sightseeing, ecological agriculture and fruit gathering.

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