Solar PV Integrated Building Demonstration Project in China Solar Valley

This prohect has approved by Chinaese administration with total PV installation capacity 2.0114MW,total area 22300m2,10057PC solar panels,which this system produces electricity by itself for itself and the surplus power can be on-grid with maximum power 2.0MW.This energy-saving effect of the project is greatly obvious with supply green power 2320000KWH,saving 835200 standard coal,reducing 2171500CO2,20000SO2,5800NxOx,8400 dust every year.

200Kw solar PV power station of Japan's first chemical plant

In July 2013,Hi-min Solar built the 200kw solar PV power station for the First Chemical in Japan.The plant went on grid successfully in the end of 2013.

Solar Lighting Project

Solar LED Street Lamp in Provincal Road of 254 Line

Housing off-grid system power station Bavaria

Communications relay station photovoltaic project

Housing off-grid system

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