More than a decade ago, the consumers didn't know what the solar energy was, Hi-min firstly created Solar Science Paper and issued 100 million pieces of paper, which greatly enlightened solar market; set up hundreds of solar science parks, made solar water heater into thousands of houses; organised solar science travelling activities, the total journey was 80million kilometers. The science travelling was honored as China unique enlightenment model, and created great potential solar industry, which was evaluated by the industry leaders as "contributed to China solar science history", and set up the popularity and honor of Hi-min solar energy.

    Renewable Energy Education & Training Center

    The renewable energy academy built by Hi-min is the world’s first renewable professional education and training institution, and is also the junior college and technical secondary school to cultivate related talents. It completely solved worldwide renewable energy scarcity problem. Hi-min Solar Valley energy conservation architecture training center established in May 26th, 2010, as well as REEEP& CSV International Clean Energy architecture workshop.

    Solar Valley International Conference Center adopts advanced technologies of solar hot water, solar PV power, and BIPV light, Winpin energy-saving glass, ceiling radiation, efficient smart shade and buildings smart control.

    It equipped with energy management systemwhich can collect and monitor the data and energy flows. It effectively achieves the energy schedule management of office and production and provides effective data for complex energy-saving emission reduction and experimental data support for solar thermal technology research.

    Renewable Energy Tourism Center

    As the world low carbon concentration, national AAAA grade low-carbon theme tourist park--China Solar Valleyhas emerged. The brand new life represented by their low carbon experiences, inspires life’s transformation of low carbon and environmental from conscious to action, overall leading the world low-carbon tourism model.

    The World First Low-carbon Technology Testing Center.

    Hi-min solar testing center has 20 large labs and 1326 testing projects coveringfrom original material, fittings to the whole machine testing. Hi-min owns over 430 enterprise standards, compared to that China standard is less than 20, and the global standard is less than 50. Definitely standard document in Hi-min lab is more professional and comprehensive than the national’s..

    Overall Innovation Industry System

    Hi-min solar creates a completed, advanced, and insuperable solar thermal utilization industry system which covers upstream industrial chain control, core technology, automatic production line and testing technology. The rate of intellectual property is over 95%. It guides world’s solar into industrialization and numerous “world’s first” have been born in China solar valley.

    Hi-min Central Research Institute

    Hi-min central research institution has 14 departments and 30 related offices focusing on 4 major solar application fields, constructing 8 word’s major science and research center and involving 120 subject areas. It cooperates with Sydney University, German –F-H Institute and Shandong Universitywhich strengthen further development step.

    Hi-min developed the first automaticproduction line of vacuum tubes in the world in 2007, and the first automatic production of solar water heaters in 2009and since then, Hi-minstepped into automatic age.So far, the annual heater production of Hi-min Solar Valley Manufacturing Centre is 1 million, Vacuum tubes 15 million, PV products 500MV. It becomes the world’s largest solar water heater and vacuum tubes manufacturing center, known as “World’s Dream Factory of Solar Energy”.

    Advanced Business Park (ABP) is an enterprise headquarters gathered base of office, test, research, industrial with intelligent, low density, eco-friendly headquarters buildings. It can provide the central operation management environment and good atmosphere, create high-speed access to full advantage, lay a prospective space path, with the radiant national and global " central-surrounding effect " for the enterprises.

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